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Why you should choose a Malishev-built home …

Professional Advice

Our experienced building team will provide you with professional advice throughout the process, from buying the right block of land to site orientation.

Individual Design

Our inhouse design team can customise one of our existing designs or start from scratch, to create a home with an optimal blend of function, efficiency and style.

Quality Craftsmanship

We have received more than 110 national, state and regional building awards, demonstrating our commitment to building the best quality homes your money can buy.

Competitive Pricing

Our upfront pricing approach is honest and transparent, with no tricks and no gimmicks. That is why you must compare the final price, not the starting price.

Personalised Service

We provide clients with a high level of service, ensuring you get the care and attention you demand and deserve. Put simply, with Malishev, you’re not a number.

Future Resale Value

When you build with Malishev, you invest in a quality home that will stand the test of time, offering superior resale value, the fact that many local agents will attest.

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