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When shopping around, compare
the end price not the start price.

If you are comparing building quotes, make sure you compare the end price, not the start price.
When you do, you may be surprised, as it costs no more to build with Malishev.

We will at no cost provide:

  • Obligation free consultation.
  • Assess your requirements and site.
  • Provide realistic honest advice and answers.
  • Advise you on design selection that best suits your site and orientation, to maximise energy efficiency.
  • Give you a real price to build our design on your land, including site costs.
  • Provide a detailed proposal of exactly what you get.

All obligation free…. No deposit required!

Let’s discuss your custom home project.

At Malishev we bring together the best design, materials and trade. Talk to our home consultant today about your project call (03) 5229 1129 or complete our Enquiry Form.

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